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cama casita montessori 190x90

190×90 Montessori house bed

Personalized Montessori house bed. Choose wallpaper, decorative sheets, beddings and more. The Montessori 190×90 house bed is the perfect bed for a modern and trendy bedroom. Moreover, you will be able to choose all the accessories, from hangers to the beddings, the pillows and the decorative sheets. A nice way to decorate the bedroom is […]

cunas mellizos

Cots for twins

Bedroom with two convertible cots for twins with mobile bedrails. The kids bedrooms for twins exist, too. Use the cots for twins by @mueblesros. Two cots which turn into 190×90 beds. Take the maximum advantage of each furniture piece until your kids are grown up! All you need is available in our new collections MOOD […]

cuna convertible gemelos

Convertible cot for twins

Bedroom with convertible cot for twins, with the possibility to distribute the beds your way. Two babies are coming? No problem! The convertible cot for twins is the perfect option! Two rooms in one. What else do you need? A twin cot which can be joined with another one by a railing. You can place […]

habitacion convertible nano

NANO convertible bedroom

Convertible bedroom with cot and changing table that turns into a kids bed and desk. For this convertible bedroom we have chosen the white and Montana combination. Two colours which give a modern but nordic touch to the room. A soft and cute new room for your baby. You can use a 120×60 Nano convertible […]

cuna convertible elite plus

Elite Plus convertible cot

The Elite Plus convertible cot will grow up with your baby. Choose your favourite accessories to decorate the new bedroom. The elite plus convertible cot is a classic of #lavieenROS. A functional and nice cot. Choose every little detail: colours, handles and the inferior part that you prefer. Your baby’s new bedroom has to be […]

cuna convertible bicama plus

Plus bicama convertible cot

Plus Bicama convertible cot with changing table, drawers and a pull-out bed. Everything in the same furniture piece! The most modern baby bedrooms are the ones with a convertible cot like the Plus Bicama cot. Combining a 140×70 cot, with drawers and a 190×90 pull-out bed will be perfect for your child. A nice convertible […]

cuna convertible compact

Kids double bed bedroom

Kids bedroom with double bed with changing table and mobile rail. You will be able to design your baby’s bedroom. Choose your favourite colours and accessories. A double bed kids bedroom. But first, a practical convertible 140×70 cot with mobile rail for your baby. At the early ages, you will take the maximum advantage of […]

habitacion de bebe con cuna convertible

Plus convertible cot 12

The perfect baby bedroom counts on a Plus convertible cot 12 The Plus convertible cot 12 is ideal for families who are planning to furnish the baby’s bedroom with an evolutive cot. A 130×80 convertible cot with drawers to give you enough space to keep essential things in the same furniture piece. The Plus convertible […]

habitación bebé fusión 15

Convertible baby bedroom

Design your own fusion15 convertible baby bedroom. Personalize it. What a dream! The huge special moment is coming, why don’t we start preparing the baby’s convertible bedroom? Have you thought on a baby convertible bedroom? On of the best options we suggest to you is the Fusion15 convertible cot. A 140×70 cot with side drawers. […]

cuna convertible fusion

Fusion convertible bedroom 2

Convertible baby bedroom with wardrobe and a unique decoration.    A convertible bedroom with a Fusion2 cot is the dream of every family. The convertible cot Fusion2 is a 140×70 cot with mobile bar, drawers and pull-out bed. The lower part, can be personalized on your own, choosing drawers or bed. For the kids’ wardrobe you […]

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