Kids double bed bedroom

cuna convertible compact

Do not forget the decorative elements

Kids bedroom with double bed with changing table and mobile rail. You will be able to design your baby’s bedroom. Choose your favourite colours and accessories.

A double bed kids bedroom. But first, a practical convertible 140×70 cot with mobile rail for your baby. At the early ages, you will take the maximum advantage of the cot with drawers and a pull-out bed.

However, when the baby grows up, you will enjoy a children’s room with double bed and drawers. Two bedrooms in one. Everything you were searching for!

Combine the cot and the bed with a swing-door wardrobe and shelves with the best colours. Choose the sizes and the distribution to make your baby’s bedroom unique and relaxing.

Furthermore, with #lavieenROS you will be able to choose all the accessories. We suggest a bunch of different children wallpapers, like the Arco Iris design, do you like it? In this bedroom we chose Malva colours which fit the wallpaper and the decorative sheets. It looks lovely! In addition, we selected a carpet and some pillows to complete the bedroom, too.

And what about the cot’s bedding? It is part of our collection, too! Choose your favourite design and combine them with the rest of the furniture and accessories. A puff will be perfect for your child. He will be able to sit down and enjoy his first drawings.

Use our new catalogue and personalize your baby’s bedroom. Go to your nearest furniture shop to start your new project. Dream high with #lavieenROS.