Fusion convertible bedroom 2

cuna convertible fusion

Do not forget the decorative elements

Convertible baby bedroom with wardrobe and a unique decoration.   

A convertible bedroom with a Fusion2 cot is the dream of every family. The convertible cot Fusion2 is a 140×70 cot with mobile bar, drawers and pull-out bed. The lower part, can be personalized on your own, choosing drawers or bed.

For the kids’ wardrobe you count on a lot of different options to create the perfect option. Choose the sizes, the distribution and the colours and make it special for your baby’s new bedroom.

But the best part of designing the room comes with the decoration. Wallpaper, kids decorative sheets, bedding, carpets, pillows and the storage basket. Which design will you choose? You can decide on your favourite ones and combine them with the furniture of the bedroom. The convertible cot will look spectacular in your baby’s bedroom with #lavieenros.

But… when does it change? You will be able to transform your fusion convertible bedroom into a190x90 bed and a nice desk.

We are waiting for you at the nearest furniture shop, where you will be able to choose the best furniture for you. Start the project and enjoy designing your baby’s bedroom!