Convertible baby bedroom

habitación bebé fusión 15

Do not forget the decorative elements

Design your own fusion15 convertible baby bedroom. Personalize it.

What a dream! The huge special moment is coming, why don’t we start preparing the baby’s convertible bedroom?

Have you thought on a baby convertible bedroom? On of the best options we suggest to you is the Fusion15 convertible cot. A 140×70 cot with side drawers. Personalize the interior part of the baby bedroom on your own. You can choose between drawers and a pull-out bed. Moreover, the bar can move and that will make it easier for you to reach the baby.

Personalize the colours of your convertible cot. We offer more than 23 different combinations.

Combine it with other furniture like a customized wardrobe. Why not using shelves to keep the books?

But the best part is yet to come: Use the kids decoration to complete the perfect bedroom for your little baby. Use our wallpapers, beddings and pillows.

To combine the baby’s bedroom in your own way, you can also use our storage bags, there are several designs available for you.

Do you like the decorative sheets? You can choose the frame’s size and colour.

You will have everything ready, special and unique for your baby.