Elite Plus convertible cot

cuna convertible elite plus

Do not forget the decorative elements

The Elite Plus convertible cot will grow up with your baby. Choose your favourite accessories to decorate the new bedroom.

The elite plus convertible cot is a classic of #lavieenROS. A functional and nice cot. Choose every little detail: colours, handles and the inferior part that you prefer.

Your baby’s new bedroom has to be full-equipped and, because of that, we have added a perfect changing table to the cot. Easy and practical, what else do we need?

But  you will not leave the convertible cot alone, will you? For this reason, we recommend a lot of lovely ideas, starting with a tipi tent. The most trendy complement for your baby, where he will be able to play and enjoy. Combine the tipi tent with the rest of the furniture, the pillows and the carpet. You will have the perfect room!

In the wall you will be able to use cubes and shelves with the colours that you feel identified with. Combine them with a kids wallpaper. In the new ROS MINI catalogue you will find all the available wallpaper design, as well as the beddings, pillows and carpets.

You will find other accessories like carrier bags, too. Keep all the baby’s toys!

So, what do you think of the Elite Plus convertible cot? Combine it as you like, with the rest of the baby’s new room. Make it unique!