ros sostenible

#lavieenROS for a sustainable future

We care for our environment with the aim to create a better home for our children today. The manufacturing process at ROS is environmentally friendly and we keep on working to reduce the  impact of our company to nature and pollution. Do you know how? 30% of the power consumption used by our productive plant […]


What is melamine?

Melamine is a synonim for sustainable wood, the only way to manufacture furniture without devastating the planet. We smash recycled wood, together with noble wood, in small particles to manufacture the chipboard. On this board we prime a design that turns the board into an innovative, resistant and sustainable material. See the result! In this […]


#lavieenROS for a sustainable future

#lavieenROS takes a chance on a sustainable future. We manufacture a better future with the aim that children of today can keep a home tomorrow. The industrial process of manufacturing at ROS is environmentally sustainable and we keep on working to reduce the environmental impact in our area until becoming unnoticeable. #lavieenROS opts for environment […]

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