190×90 Montessori house bed

cama casita montessori 190x90

Do not forget the decorative elements

Personalized Montessori house bed. Choose wallpaper, decorative sheets, beddings and more.

The Montessori 190×90 house bed is the perfect bed for a modern and trendy bedroom. Moreover, you will be able to choose all the accessories, from hangers to the beddings, the pillows and the decorative sheets.

A nice way to decorate the bedroom is using wallpapers. In #lavieenROS we suggest a lot of different wallpaper designs. For this bedroom we have chosen the tipi wallpaper, we love it! You can choose your favourite wallpaper. Find more information here.

Use all the decorative elements in our new Mini catalogue. Find carrier bags, hangers, small tables and stools to make your child’s space perfect.

Bedrooms in #lavieenROS are unique and, because of that, you can choose all the accessories you need. Choose decorative sheets, pufs and childish carpets.

Which accessories would you pick for your bedroom? In your nearest furniture shop you will be able to choose and customize the accessories you need.