Convertible cot for twins

cuna convertible gemelos

Do not forget the decorative elements

Bedroom with convertible cot for twins, with the possibility to distribute the beds your way.

Two babies are coming? No problem! The convertible cot for twins is the perfect option! Two rooms in one. What else do you need?

A twin cot which can be joined with another one by a railing. You can place the two cots separated or joined, so that your babies can sleep together.

When the convertible cot for twins turns into two 140×70 beds, the possibilities are different, too. They will be able to sleep in two separate beds or in two beds joined by a foam. What option do you prefer?

You can combine the convertible cot for twins with a personalized wardrobe, shelves for books or house-shaped shelves. Perfect!

And finally, you can create your own baby bedroom with our kids wallpapers. You can choose among all our options available and combine them with the cot, the pillows and other decorative elements like the toy bag, the carpets or the decorative sheets.

How will you decorate your babies room?