Our history

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Josep Ros Puigpinós starts a small workshop in a small village at the foot of the pyrenees. His tools are a universal machine, passion and a dream: To carve in wood the story of a company

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After the war, difficult times arrived. One morning, Josep Ros was making a bed and he received the visit of an agent. They agreed that Josep Ros would manufacture 5 equal beds and the agent would sell them the following week. This was the first mass production in Ros. After the bed, they made the wardrobe and the drawers, and soon the small workshop was an industry.


Ramon Ros enters the business with the desire to make it grow. ROS starts selling the products all over the country and abroad.


Ros decides to manufacture in chipboard instead of solid wood. The small workshop is now a big and important company. Maria Rosa Gene, Ramon’s wife, starts as a commercial manager and the project of both family and business grow.


By the 80’s, the new plant is inaugurated, together with the commitment with technology, investment, creativity and growth.


Following a revolutionary approach to manufacturing and in the context of a market mainly devoted to massive production, ROS starts personalization and adapts the industrial manufacturing process to the needs of the individual consumer. The result was the inauguration of a new plant with 35.000m2


Enric Ros, the third generation and the current CEO of the company, leads the way to transversality. A project based on team building, technology, I+D and the definition of a unique model. Ros is a project based on the people, on the workers, partners and suppliers who work together with one only purpose: To provide valuable content and product to the market.


This year, ROS celebrates 85 years of history, experience and enthusiasm. To celebrate, we have changed our brand image and start a new stage: La vie en ROS. Do you want to be part of it?