¿Can I place the order directly to ROS?

To see or purchase our product and get the best professional assistance you should visit our stores. We are manufacturers and we do not sell directly to the public.
You will find the closest distributor here: www.ros1.com/es/donde-comprar

¿Where can I find the prices?

To get information about prices, you should visit one of our stores. We are manufacturers and we do not sell directly to the public or provide any information about prices. Our range of product is so wide that direct information could easily lead to misunderstanding.
You will find the closest distributor here: www.ros1.com/es/donde-comprar

¿How many measurements can I find?

The options for measurements are endless for each type of furniture. We recommend visiting the nearest store to explore all the possibilities that our product and catalogue can offer. www.ros1.com/es/donde-comprar

¿Can I personalise your furniture?

Absolutely yes! At ROS we customise every bedroom, piece to piece, but we make it easy and cheap. Choose your own style: articles, measurements, handles, colours… find all the possibilities at the nearest store: www.ros1.com/es/donde-comprar

¿Where can I find the assembly plan and unload it?

If you need the assembly plan of your purchase, please contact the store where you bought the product and they will give you the instructions.

I have questions about the assembly, what can I do?

Please contact the store where you bought the product and they will solve any question you may have and they will contact us for further information.

There is a problem with the installation, what shall I do?

To solve any claim, please contact the distributor where you bought the product. We are manufacturers and we do not attend sales or provide post-sales service directly.

I need spare parts, how can I get them?

If you need fittings or spare parts, please contact the store where you bought the product. We are manufacturers and we do not provide the sales or post-sales service directly.

What can I do if the store where I bought the product is closed?

Then please send us an email at [email protected] so that we can give you a solution through another store.

I have a store/interiors studio and I love your product, how should I contact you in order to sell them?

Please send us your details at [email protected] and one of our agents will contact you inmediately. There is a lot to explain about our product and our brand!

Are the covers of the cushions removable?

Yes, all our decorative cushions covers are removable and washable.

Can I buy the textiles at meters?

Yes, our fabrics have a width of 280cm and we sell them at meters so that our customers can coordinate the curtains or any other textile complement.

Can I mis the handles of diffderent catalogues, like MINI and KIDS?

¡Without any problem! We always provide as many options as possible for you to choose among all the options. Be creative!

How many wallpaper rolls do I need?

The store knows how much paper you need for your bedroom, depending on the height and width of the wall.

What is the mitred frame?

The mitred frame is a new manufacturing process that we bought recently in order to get a perfect finishing of edges and frames, specially for small pieces and complements. It allows to fix pieces without the need of drills and screws and it is more stable and resistant than the normal process. We apply this finishing to shelves, cubes, mirrors and small pieces from the Montessori collection.

Are ROS products easy to assemble?

Our furniture is designed to be assembled by professionals. Delivery and assembly should be made through a distributor and the corresponding delivery and assembly team.

Is melamine safe for the heahth and the environment?

Melamine chipboard is made of 30% of recycled wook and other natural woods. All the melamine we use to manufacture our products has a certification of the custody chain (CdC) according to the rules of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Do you also sell the decorations of the bedroom?

Yes! Following the demands of our customers, we started manufacturing and selling all the complements for your bedroom too. We deliver a lot of articles a part from the fruniture: wallpapers, textiles, metal components, boxes, pictures, stickers… all this product is exclusive from ROS and follows the same guidelines as the furniture in terms of delivery time, quality and design. Visit our website and you will have real fun in choosing the most fashionable details for your room!

How many people work at ROS?

Our team consists of 300 people, undoubtedly the most valuable part of #lavieenROS. This great team works hard every day to provide the best version of the company. Do you want to join in? Write an email to [email protected] and we will answer you in short.

How long will my bedroom take?

Fabricamos tu habitación en 10 días laborables. A este plazo debes sumarle unos 5 días para que la tienda nos envíe tu pedido y podamos revisarlo para que no haya errores, y otros 10 días para la planificación y entrega. El plazo no debería superar los 25-30 días laborables.