NANO convertible bedroom

habitacion convertible nano

Do not forget the decorative elements

Convertible bedroom with cot and changing table that turns into a kids bed and desk.

For this convertible bedroom we have chosen the white and Montana combination. Two colours which give a modern but nordic touch to the room. A soft and cute new room for your baby.

You can use a 120×60 Nano convertible cot for your new convertible bedroom. It has two drawers at the lower part which will allow you to count on extra storage space. To make the bedroom perfect for you, choose furniture like the changing table with drawers and… The new tipi handles! They look adorable! Combine them with the wallpaper and the carpet, the bedroom will look perfect and beautiful.

If you want to buy children’s furniture for your baby when he grows up, you can use a house-shaped blackboard. They will love to draw with chalks and thanks to the blackboard, they will not mess up the wall.

You can pick the house-shaped shelves in your favourite color, they will combine perfectly well with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

In the baby bedrooms, accessories and decoration can’t be missed, like the beddings and wallpapers. You can choose your favourite designs among all our suggestions. Create the perfect convertible bedroom with a Nano cot which transforms into a bed with desk. Decorate it your way! Discover all the details at the nearest furniture shop.