Plus bicama convertible cot

cuna convertible bicama plus

Do not forget the decorative elements

Plus Bicama convertible cot with changing table, drawers and a pull-out bed. Everything in the same furniture piece!

The most modern baby bedrooms are the ones with a convertible cot like the Plus Bicama cot.

Combining a 140×70 cot, with drawers and a 190×90 pull-out bed will be perfect for your child. A nice convertible cot will allow you to have an extra bed and a lot of storage space.

Combine the convertible cot with other furniture like a customized wardrobe. Choose the sizes, the colours, and the interior needed. And don’t forget to combine shelves of different designs to give your room a modern and sophisticated touch.

For the decoration of the baby’s bedroom we want to help you, too. Sometimes it is difficult to combine furniture with decoration, but #lavieenROS is here to help you. In our MOOD MINI catalogue you will find all type of accessories such as wallpapers, beddings and carpets. Furthermore, we also suggest elements like decorative sheets or personalized pillows that will make your room unique.

The Plus Bicama convertible cot, when your baby grows up, will turn into a 190×90 bed.