Why buy juvenile or infantile furniture ROS is the best choice?

You made up your mind, it is time to change the bedroom and buy some juvenile or infantile furniture. You start searching, Internet is full of cool proposals at the cheapest price, but you know your bedroom is not like a flower base and you want an affordable furniture that lasts for a long time. You do not want to change everything again in a few months, you just have no tiem and money to do it.

And then… it is so arduous to distinguish one proposal from the other. There are so many expos in the stores with a lot of product and all look the same…

We tell you, straight and easy, what makes us different and why ROS is your best choice:

por que comprar ros


We are close, not only to sell you the product but to create a great Project, adapt it to your needs, modify it and stay always at your side for anything that may come up. We will always be there, for anything you may need.

comprar mobiliario juvenil


we are talking about home. Your home. If you are unique and different from the rest of people around you, you will not buy a bedroom with thousands of equal copies. We create an atmosphere for you: your colours, your measurements, the decor you like, the inspiring text on the drawing and the cozy light just at your side. Have a look at our MOODS, a collections of complements for each identity.

precio muebles ros


At ROS, customisation and economic price match together. 35.0000m2 of productive plant, the optimisation of the materials we use and a tighter corporate policy allow us to offer a 100% customised product an the most competitive price in the market. We spent nearly 90 years looking for, and negotiating, the best prices inso that every kid and young adult can get and create a home with identity.

diseño muebles ros


We are the onlt company in our sector with its own Design and I+D Department. A competitive and mature team that integrates young people like you to design and create unique products with coherence and style. We want you to love our products, this is our real purpose.

muebles de melamina


A value so easy to write down and so difficult to accomplish when talking about Furniture. We provide a lot of examples that make our product the best in the market:

  • ROS manufactures with boards of thickness 35mm and 19mm. We are the only company in our category using this thickness and quality and this deep work makes our product outstanding and long-lasting.
  • Melamine colours that resist any sort of scratch and keep perfect through years. Our papers are not printed but tinted.
  • ROS is the only manufacturer in melamine with a process called mitred frame. This innovative process provides stability to the product and cleans visually the finishings and design.
  • Water-based coatings and varnishes, in accordance to CE 1907/2006, free of toxical substances and safe even for babies.
  • Textiles with OEKO-TEX certificate, number 2008AN7944, 100% cotton and breathable.
  • Full-access hidden guides.
  • Soft-closing systems integrated in doors and drawers.
  • Led lights with a médium life cycle of 50.000 hours of service, according to certification 60598-1 and UE-ECODESIGN.
  • KM 0: all our products are manufactured in Spain.

We keep on working to offer the best versión of ourselves.

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