#lavieenROS for a sustainable future

#lavieenROS takes a chance on a sustainable future. We manufacture a better future with the aim that children of today can keep a home tomorrow. The industrial process of manufacturing at ROS is environmentally sustainable and we keep on working to reduce the environmental impact in our area until becoming unnoticeable.

#lavieenROS opts for environment and sustainability

The roof of our offices is covered by 1500 solar panels that feed 30% of the energy that our productive plant needs. New investments are planned in order to make the plant more efficient.

ROS defends a ZERO WASTE social scope to reduce as much as possible the generation of waste materials. We follow the optimisation of materiales by controlling and planning the process of cutting through technology. We reuse the wooden residues as combustible for the heating of the whole plant and we recycle 100% of the other residues.

Sustainability is also determined by a high-quality and long-lasting product. The wood we use for the melamine contains 30% of recycled wood and the rest comes from legal plantations. You can read more about the type of melamine we use and its properties in this article. (Posar enllaç)

As regards the bedlinen, the collection is manufactured in cotton 100%, made in Spain and with the Oeko Tex certification. (Posar número)

In order to reduce the impact of our packaging, we are developing a project in cooperation Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC) and HP to reduce the environmental impact of the materials we use to protect the furniture.

The certificates and acknowledgements ROS received are an example of the results obtained in terms of quality, sustainability and commitment.

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