Two L beds for a party bedroom

camas en l infantiles

Do not forget the decorative elements

A unique bedroom for two siblings with two L beds. Do you like the idea?

Two L beds with chest of drawers, which will make orderly space easier.

Moreover, both beds are completely customizable: choose your favourite colour. Take a look at the back panel of the bed, in “Montana” colour. It brings a teen tone to the room. Which colour would you choose for your room furniture?

To complete the bedroom, use our shelves. There are plenty of options to choose. Be inspired by  the composition and imagine your new customized bedroom.

Don’t forget to personalize your room according to your style. Let your room be a reflection of you. Choose among our teen wallpapers, decorative sheets or bed sets. There are plenty of options that you can see in the accessories page. Look and find the best option!

In addition to the accessories of the picture, you can choose among carpets, puffs and cabinets like these ones. What would you like to be yours? Think in your list and you’ll be right