Two L beds 28

dos camas en L

Do not forget the decorative elements

This is a room to share with your brother. Two L beds are a perfect combination for two teen siblings.

Is there space for a desk in your room? If not, we have the solution: you can use a pull out desk. Take it out just to do the homework and study, just perfect!

One of the two beds is a canape bed, with large storage space. Don’t you think it’s the best solution?

Don’t forget the decorative shelves. Complete them with our lovely paintings and teen duvet sets. Super trendy!

You can also get the beddings, do you like the idea? We have a lot of models in the accessories page on our web page.

Remember the wallpapers. You will fall in love! Personalize your own wall and make it UNIQUE.

At last, the toys keepers and the decorative boxes will be the perfect idea to organize your room in a better way.

So… shall we start?