Teens compact bed 18

habitación juvenil completa

Do not forget the decorative elements

teens compact bed with bridge wardrobe. You will have everything!  

A teens compact bed will be perfect for every single room

We have to take advantage of the small teens bedrooms. With this teens bridge wardrobe, space will not be a problem, because you will have plenty of storage.

On top of the compact bed there is a shelf that matches with the bed. Decorate the shelves with our brand’s paintings and sheets like this ones, do you like them?

If you want your bedroom to be perfect, don’t forget about the desk. In this composition, you can see the teens desk under the window. Under the desk there is a chest of drawers to keep even more things. Taking advantage of the space is very important for us because it helps you to keep your room tidy.

Choose your favourite teens decoration. Read more on the accessories page in our website and find paintings, puffs, carpets, beddings, toys keepers, cabinets and a lot more. All the necessary elements to give your personal touch to the bedroom. Let’s start!