Teens bedroom with hideaway bed

cama nido

Do not forget the decorative elements

A teens bedroom with a hideaway bed composed of a side panel of the color you choose. If you need a place to leave your phone or tablet, but you don’t want a bedside table, you can use our metallic trays, which can be hanged on the bed head or on the side. ¿What do you think?

Complete your bedroom with a customized corner wardrobe. Visit the nearest furniture shop, you’ll find lots of new possibilities. On the wardrobe side, you can see a terminal with shelves to leave your memories. You can decorate it as you want.

A teens customized desktop to study and do the homework is an essential component in your new bedroom

¿Do you like the bedding of the composition? In the accessories’ page of our website you will find a lot of teens bedding models: duvet sets, sheets, adjustable bags and a lot more. Find your own style.

Every single detail counts. Because of that, to decorate the walls, we suggest the Flamingo wallpaper, ¡We love it! You can choose among many different designs, don’t miss it and discover La vie en ROS’ wallpapers world.