Teens bedroom with hideaway bed 19

dormitorio juvenil cama nido

Do not forget the decorative elements

Create a unique teens bedroom with la vie en ROS furniture and accessories, like this hideaway bed.

Inspire yourself with a kids bedroom with hideaway bed, choose it on your own and you will get it right.

We have chosen a hideaway bed with two drawers on the lower level and a chest of drawers, to save space

Complete your room with a customizable desk, which is leaning on the chest of drawers in this composition. Next to the desk, a corner wardrobe to use all the space.  

There are plenty of teens wardrobes, choose the one that better suits your needs. If you need professional opinion, visit your nearest distributor

To give your personal touch to the room, use the teens decoration from our catalogue. You can choose beddings, decorative pillows and a lot more.

To complete the desk, use our storage boxes with lid, decorated with origami, or the cabinet with the same style. Every detail counts.

Don’t forget the paintings and decorative sheets. Give an original and personal touch to your teens bedroom. And last but not least, the wallpaper, that will be the perfect complement for your room. The best teens bedroom.