Teen modular bed 25

cama modular juvenil

Do not forget the decorative elements

Do you need a teen modular bed? Get inspired with this option and create your own teen bedroom with a modular bed like that.

If you move the mattress, you will see that there is plenty of space in the lower part. It’s perfect! Furthermore, the teen modular bed has a lot of drawers to keep your things. Your bedroom will be the tidiest one in the world.

In the same room, you can inspire yourself with the shelves on the wall, with door, and with the panel to leave your photos and documents. And if you don’t have much space, we recommend the folding desk. Do you like it?

Add your personal touch to the room with our teen sheets, the wall paper and the carpets. Decorate your room and personalize it with all our accessories. You can use organizing boxes or cabinets, too. You will love it!