Teen bed and desk

cama sofá con respaldos

Do not forget the decorative elements

Do you want a change in your bedroom? The most important thing in a bedroom is the teen bed and desk to study, do your homework or work.

What do you think about this teenage bed? It’s a bed with a drawer that allows you to put a mattress. You can use it to save things, but also to invite a friend to sleepover. 2 x 1!

We have another idea for you: backs, so that if you want to watch a series or the TV, you have a sofa bed adapted to you. Do you like the idea? You can choose the colour that you like best.

A teenage bedroom can’t miss a customized desk. What do you think? It introduces a front part with elastics to keep your documents or postcards, it’s fantastic. A teen desk with the exact measurements that better fit your needs.

To make your wall personal, don’t forget to choose a shelf and wallpaper from our brand: ROS. Use other decorative elements like beddings, puffs or teen paintings, too.