TAC convertible baby bedroom

habitación bebé convertible Tac

Do not forget the decorative elements

The TAC convertible cot is a classic in #lavieenROS. It’s the perfect cot for families who are searching a convertible baby bedroom.

The TAC cot is elegance and greatfulness. You can choose the colours that you want for the structure and combine the furniture with the decoration of the new bedroom.

Complete the kids bedroom with a chest of drawers and changing table, a wardrobe or some shelves. You can choose. Make your space unique. Don’t forget the tipi tent! It is the perfect place for your baby to play. We offer several tipi designs to match with the bedding, the carpet, the pillows and the wallpaper too.

And why don’t you place some shelves? The one in the photo is the new cloud-shaped shelf. Leave the books that you read at night in a special shelf. Allow them to dream by your side.

Combine and decorate the baby’s bedroom on your own using our decorative sheets with childish designs. Soft and ideal to make the bedroom unique.

In your nearest shop you will be able to choose and personalize your baby’s new room, piece by piece.