SOFT convertible cot

cuna convertible soft

Do not forget the decorative elements

A baby bedroom with a convertible cot is a really trendy room. Your baby will have a dream childish bedroom with all the accessories especially designed to match together. Perfection is a reality in #lavieenros.

The convertible cot measures 140×70 and it turns into a 140×70 bed. It’s great! It has a three-position bed base and two fixed bedrails, too.

Choose neutral colours for the convertible cot and the shelves that you can see in the photo. For the cot, you can choose among white, pearl grey and earth. Moreover, if you are “fan” of the lacquered colours, you can choose your favourite one in your nearest shop.

Furthermore, you can complement your baby’s bedroom with the ideal decoration. Choose kids decorative sheets, shelves, carrier bags and a sweet wallpaper. We suggest the Confetti model like in the photo, but you can decide on the one that best suits your style. You will love to decorate your baby’s bedroom!

Don’t forget the tipi! It’s a suitable accessory for any kids bedroom. We offer several models that, combined with a carpet and the new collection pillows, will look great. When the baby grows up, he will love to play inside the tipi. You can also mix it with the wallpaper and the new tipi-shaped handles. Great!

What will each of the furniture and accessories for the new baby’s room look like?