Pull-down bed

cama abatible con estantería

Do not forget the decorative elements

A teenage small bedroom has the as many possibilities as any other bedroom. Did you think of a pull-down bed? Two teen beds just perfect to take advantage of the room space.

A 135 pull-down bed for the best sleep. You can use shelves as a decoration and, the interior shelves, have USB and LED light. They have everything!

You can find different sizes and possibilities, as for example a wardrobe like the one in the picture. Buy a teenage wardrobe with the measurements that better fit your needs.

Choose a desk to turn your room into an office when you need to work too.

Finally, to decorate the bedroom, don’t forget our accessories: beddings, duvet covers, pillows and more. Use the teen sheets, the organizing boxes and the folders. And the puffs! They are the coolest accessory for your new bedroom.

Choose and customize all the elements of your teen bedroom.