Pull-down bed with voice assistant

cama abatible horizontal

Do not forget the decorative elements

A pull-down bed that follows your commands through a voice assistant.

No strength to open and close you pull-down bed from now on, you can use a voice assistant and ask it to open or close the bed.

With the voice assistant, an engine and all the security and safety devices designed and patented by ROS, the pull-down bed will open for you to sleep on it.

The assistant and the sensors are both connected to the internet. They also have a security system to avoid the bed to close automatically.

At last, to complete the pull-down bed, you can use our wardrobes and shelves.

Accessories like the mirror, the wallpaper, the organizing boxes or the cabinets are available at your closest furniture store.

In the accessories page on our website and at any distributor store you will find teen beddings, sheets and a lot more. Make your room your personal space.