Pull-down bed with couch

cama abatible con sofá

Do not forget the decorative elements

A pull-down bed with couch is the latest trend on teen bedrooms. The maximum comfort to watch your favourite TV series on Netflix, to play with your PS or to sleep.

A canape bed, where you will be able to keep the pillows when you don’t need them.

The pull-down bed with couch has some shelves for you to keep all the things you want.

Take advantage of the room space with a hanging sideboard with door and drawers, where you can put your TV.

To give the last touch to the room you can use our wallpapers. This one is the “Umami” model, but we have a lot of designs for you to choose your favourite one. Take a look at our collections.

Personalize the bed with our beddings like the Paint duvet cover, too.

Choose paintings, decorative sheets, puffs or carpets. Make your bedroom unique!