Pull-down bed furniture

cama abatible 135

Do not forget the decorative elements

A pull-down bed furniture is perfect for the current bedrooms. Take the maximum advantage of the space with a horizontal pull-down bed with shelves.

You can choose the furniture that better fits your needs, as well as the sizes, the colours and the accessories. You can also add elastics to leave your documents or photos.

90, 135 and 150 pull-down beds, choose the size you need.

To round up the bedroom, you can use La vie en ROS’ decoration. We chose the “Origami” wallpaper and some of our decorative sheets. We also used the duvet cover and some pillows from the “Paint” model. Is it what you are searching for?

We have a lot of decoration like puffs, curtains and carpets, so you can choose the style of your room. Choose your favourite decoration at the nearest distributor. Customize your bedroom.