Montessori kids bedroom

habitación infantil montessori

Do not forget the decorative elements

Montessori kids bedroom with a house bed at ground level, combined with a wardrobe, a toy keeper and a painting table.

A Montessori kids bedroom is an option to take into account for your new child’s bedroom. We suggest  you to combine the Montessori house with a wardrobe at the same height, a toy keeper and a painting table.

Moreover, we have chosen the Neutral colours to create a sober and calmed environment. In this case, combining the kid’s furniture with the rest of the bedroom is possible with the decoration and the complements in #lavieenROS.

For the final touch, you can use beddings and other decorative elements like pillows or customized carpets.

In addition, in the new catalogue you will be able to find star-shaped stickers, as well as other sticker designs. They will look lovely in the bedroom!

How would you furnish and decorate your child’s bedroom? Choose some of our suggested ideas and create your own bedroom at your nearest furniture shop.