Learning tower

torre de aprendizaje

Do not forget the decorative elements

Learning tower approved according to EN-71-8: 2018 by AIJU (Technological Institute for childrens products & leisure) and certified by AENOR.

The learning tower is perfect to learn and catch the kids attenttion in the kitchen

By cooking, we discover colours, textures, tastes… In the kitchen, we can innovate, discover, invent and laugh. Our child can share this environment on equal terms only by speaking and interacting with the adult at the same height. This is possible with the learning tower, fantastic to learn and have fun at the same time.

The tower allows us to discover and create in the kitchen all together. Moreover, it gives a lot of authonomy to our child.

The montessori methode has arrived to stay.

Find your learning tower in your furniture closest shop. Your kid will love it!