Kids compact bed 21

cama compacta infantil

Do not forget the decorative elements

Create a bedroom with a kids compact bed and personalize it as you like with la vie en ROS.

Take a look at this great bedroom with a compact bed for kids with ladder. This device makes climbing easier and safer.

 Combining the water green and white is perfect for a kids bedroom. The kids compact bed with drawers and an additional bed, a new and brilliant option.

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We offer you all the necessary tools to decorate your room with la vie en ROS, as you like it. Get inspired with the paintings and sheets of our catalogue and choose the ones that best fit our style to create your own bedroom, in your closest shop. Combine the furniture’s colours with your favourite beddings, we have a lot of models for you.

Don’t forget the walls. We have a large selection of wallpapers for you to choose the one you like best. Teens and kids wallpapers with different colours and designs.