Kids bedroom with tipi

cama infantil con barrera

Do not forget the decorative elements

A kids bedroom is the first step to sleep alone in a lovely space. Prepare his/her new bedroom with a kids bed and two drawers to keep her/his things. Don’t forget to choose a guardrail to avoid falls during the night. Your child will feel very safe, we are sure of that. What do you think about the cloud-shaped guardrail? We love it!

Take a look at our composition: there is a shelf with LED light at the back of the bed.

Create a playing space for your child with a desk with wheels. Perfect to spend his/her free time.

Complete his/her bedroom with a kids tipi from our brand ROS. They look beautiful! Your child will have a lot of fun inside the tipi tent, creating his/her own story, reading books or just staying there, in his/her favourite space.

To decorate it, you can use our kids wallpapers. We have a lot of options for you to choose. You can also decorate with our kids sheets, carpets and beddings. We are sure you will love every piece of decoration. Shall we start?