Hideaway bed with drawers 9

cama con nido y cajones

Do not forget the decorative elements

Teens are defined by their owner, this is the reason why a hideaway bed with drawers is perfect for you

In la vie en ROS, you will find your hideaway bed with drawers, and you will be able to customize it on your own. Complete it with our teen beddings: duvet covers, adjustable bags, bed sheets, pillows and much more

Run to the nearest furniture store and choose the hideaway bed with drawers that better fits your needs, your space and your taste. Choose colours, handles, sizes and a lot more to make it UNIQUE.

The best teens bedroom is always completed with a teens wardrobe. Swing-doors wardrobes lke this one. Be inspired by the possibility to create your own room. Does it work?

Another essential in a bedroom is the desk. Get inspired in this study area close to the modular shelving.

Finally, complete your room with our TEEN decoration: Find paintings, decorative sheets, storage boxes and  cabinets. Find all the different accessories here. The room’s harmony will be perfect and unique, only yours.