Hideaway bed with drawers 22

cama nido juvenil con cajones

Do not forget the decorative elements

Teen bedrooms with hideaway bed, a bedroom that will surely succeed..

Teens bedrooms made up of a hideaway bed with drawers are a guarantee. We are sure you will love them.

Have you seen how the additional bed slides? Take a look at the two possibilities we suggest. You can take the bed out completely, separated from the normal bed; or you can also remove the hideaway bed and leave it next to the normal one.

If you have a small bedroom, every bit of space matters. You can put a desk directly after the wardrobe. Under it, you may put a chest to guarantee a better space. With only a small space, lavieenROS designs a customizable complete bedroom.

Do you like books? Don’t forget the teen shelves. Moreover, if you want to read a little bit before going to sleep, you can use a lamp like the one on the side shelf.

Personalize your room with your teen decoration. It is perfect for you. You can find teen paintings, modern paintings, decorative sheets for the shelves or walls and a lot more. We have everything for you!