Grow convertible cot

cuna convertible grow

Do not forget the decorative elements

The Grow convertible cot is the perfect place where your baby will grow up. Your child changes, the bedroom changes too. Do you want to discover it? Slide the images on the top

The first stage of the cot’s transformation is a conversion to a 140×70 bed, desk and shelf. Perfect for the transition from cot to bed. Moreover, you can choose one of our guardrails to make your child feel safe in his/her space.

When your child has grown up enough to sleep on a larger bed, the second stage comes. The Grow convertible cot becomes a 190×90 bed. Believe it or not, it’s real. The furniture of #lavieenros grows as the baby does.

If the bedroom changes, the desk changes, too. One of the pieces of the bed moves to the desk to adjust it to your child’s height. What else can we ask for?

For the Grow convertible cot you will be able to choose among all your favourite colours, combined with the rest of the furniture in the baby’s bedroom.

But it doesn’t end here. Now with the new Mini catalogue you will be able to decorate the full baby’s bedroom. Choose the wallpaper, the bedding, the pillows and the carpet. Make it a unique and special place in where every piece will be chosen for a reason. And we have so much more! Our stickers, decorative sheets and tipis will make your child enjoy every little moment in his room.