Teen canapé bed

cama canapé de 135

Do not forget the decorative elements

Today teen bedrooms are small. Because of that, a canape bed is ALWAYS a good option.

Moreover, you can complete the canape bed with a personalized wardrobe.

The study area is essential in a teen bedroom. Does this option with teen shelves and a customized desk convince you?

In the wall, you can use a panel with the “Montana” colour, with handles and elastics. Hang your documents, photos and a lot more

In a teens bedroom, you can give a personal touch with the wallpaper. In this composition, the wallpaper is model Box. There are a lot of wallpaper options to choose and you can pick the one that better fits your idea. You can also find paintings, decorative sheets, puffs, carpets, pillows and teen beddings. You just have to enter the accessories page on our website!