Bedroom with pull-down bed

cama plegable sofá

Do not forget the decorative elements

Create a bedroom with pull-down bed that turns into a living room. It is a lovely idea to give two different uses to the same room.

A pull-down bed couch allows you to watch TV, play videogames or sit comfortably to study during the day. At night, you can remove the pillows from the sofa and open the pull-down bed to enjoy a good and long sleep.

Use our shelves to create a nice space in your room, too. You can use them to keep our favourite books or your memories. Complete it with an auxiliary chest of drawers to leave the TV.

To finish, choose your favourite decoration in the accessories page on our website or at the nearest furniture store.

Use our teens beddings, paintings, sheets, the carpets and a lot more. You can choose all the details of your bedroom!