Baby Metrópoli cot

cuna metropoli

Do not forget the decorative elements

A modern cot, with natural beech wood legs. The 120×60 cot incorporates a fix bar and a folding one to provide access to the interior of the furniture item.

You can choose among different colours and combine them with the rest of the baby bedroom. In particular, the cot is available in white, grey clay, sea and indigo, as well as lacquered colours.

Set your own trend in the baby’s bedroom using the furniture of #lavieenROS. Moreover, now it’s very easy to decorate the room on your own with the accessories displayed in our catalogue.

You can choose the wallpaper, the pillows, the bedding, the decorative sheets, the carrier bags, tipis and wall stickers. Every little detail will make sense in the baby’s bedroom. All the elements and furniture will be chosen with the same criteria, everything in La Vie en Ros.

Go to your nearest shop to make a unique bedroom for your baby. Modern cots, cots for modern babies.