Canape bed for bedroom 36

Teen bedrooms with canape bed


Do yo need a USB to connect your tablet or phone? We have a helpful accessory to leave your tablet in the magazine rack


Perfect bedrooms with fantastic furniture, like this shelves with LED light. We love them! Choose your favourite shelf in your closest shop.


We love the sheets! Choose the sheets that best represent you in the accessories page on our website. Which ones do you choose?


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!
135 canape bed

If you are searching for a canape bed for your new teen bedroom, we have plenty of ideas for you in la vie en ROS

The teen canape bed that you are searching for has arrived and it’s in la vie en ROS.

Have you noticed the magazine racks in the lower part of the canape bed? You will be able to leave your books, your tablet and a lot more.

We have more ideas for you, like the panel on the back part of the canape teenage bed. It is used to hang a shelf.

Complete your new bedroom with a wardrobe and drawers, like the one on the photo. We can’t forget about the desk, an essential in teen bedrooms.

To keep your room tidied up, you can use storage boxes like the ones in our composition, they are lovely! Moreover, they are very useful. We also offer a bunch of modern bedding models, puffs and wallpapers. You can see all the bedroom decoration in the accessories page on our website.

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