Teen block bed 27

cama bloc


Use magnetic panels, white board panels or the elastic ones, to leave the documents and the memories safely


We love the sheets! Choose the sheets that best represent you in the accessories page on our website. Which ones do you choose?


Customizable shelves. Have you noticed the back panels? Personalize them with your favourite colour and create a unique study zone on your own.

A teens bedroom with a block bed and two drawers, It’s perfect. Decorate it as you like.

A teens bedroom with everything you need: A block bed, shelves, a magnetic panel and a desk.

Create a customized bedroom with our furniture and decorative accessories.

Let’s start with a block bed with two drawers. Choose between a lot of different possibilities like sizes, colours, handles and more.

The teens desk is perfect for a teen: A desk and a magnetic panel with elastics for him/her to leave documents and photos

Decorate the shelf and organize it with our boxes. You can also decorate your bedroom with our decorative sheets, or your wall with our new teen wallpaper. There are a lot of options and combinations!

Do you like the beddings? Enter the accessories page on our website and choose the bed set that you like best: duvet cover, bottom, bed sheets and duvet cover.

It’s fantastic! All the room will have something in common: you.

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