Hotel America

The contract project: Hotel América is a singular project. A unique head, with LED light on the back and a visual effect that we love. In the same room we find a place for the television, with an original shelving unit, in a classic color but with a modern design.

The Hotel America combines design with originality. The rest of the furniture of the room combines for its color but also for its shapes. Like for example the two bedside tables, inspired by the holes, like the shelves for the television.

For the creation of the furniture, you can choose the type of melamine to use: colors, measurements, thicknesses and others. Find out about the Contract projects of #lavieenROS through the contact form enabled for professionals in the sector.

The desk, although small, is very useful. Next to it, a cupboard with doors with the same color as the rest of the furniture, with a hole to leave the coffee and tea utensils.

Contract furniture for hotels, residences and other projects for communities. We carry out personalized projects, each one different, meeting the needs of each client. We design, manufacture, deliver and assemble the furniture so that the process is exclusive.