Teen pull-down bed 60

Vertical pull-down bed


With the folders with origami finish, saving the documents with style is easier than ever.
double pull-down bed


Create a bedroom that speaks about you. Use the beddings, the pillows, the carpets, the puffs… A lot of complements which you will find in the decoration page on our website.


Relax comfortably in your folding teens bed. Use our upholstered headboards to add to your bed


Use the shelves to organize your things and moreover, to connect them!
Pull-down bed shelves

Small bedrooms are full of opportunities like this teen pull-down bed. It’s perfect.

A pull-down bed as you like is possible with la vie en ROS. Get inspired with our ideas in pull-down beds like this one.

Look at this vertical pull-down bed with a wardrobe and a loft. On the other side, you can put a small desk and some shelves as an office. What do you think?

In this composition we chose dark colours to give it a senior aspect. You can use it as an office and as a bedroom, as you choose.

When you open the bed, as you can see, you can use some backups which you can put and remove whenever you want.

The ROS pull-down bed have a security button to avoid the closing of the bed.

If you like our decoration, you can find it in your closest furniture shop. You can choose among a lot of different bedding models, sheets, carpets, curtains and a lot more. We have a lot of options for you!

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