Teens bunk bed with canape 51

Canape bed bedrooms


The origami organizing boxes are unique, because of that they are special. Organize the things in a funny and authentic mood.


Create a bedroom that speaks about you. Use the beddings, the pillows, the carpets, the puffs… A lot of complements which you will find in the decoration page on our website.


With the folders with origami finish, saving the documents with style is easier than ever.


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!
Teen bunk bed


Use the Michigan finish, the evolution of the rustic trend that replaces knots by the lines that simulate cracks in the wood.
Teen study area

A teen bunk bed is the perfect choice for a shared bedroom. Do you like this combination?

Sharing a bedroom with your brother or sister is so much fun. With this teen bunk bed with canape everything will be easier. The lower part is for a 135x90 mattress. Perfect!

The stairs to climb to the upper bed are shelves that will help you to take advantage of all the space. You can keep your books and memories there.

To round up, we have a lot of possibilities for the wardrobe. We suggest a corner wardrobe with shelves.

A study area can’t be missed in a teens room, wehave chosen a customizable teens desk to make your room unique.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose all the decorative accessories for your room as for example the beddings. Choose your favourite model and style. You will also find plenty of wallpaper models. Do you like the one on the photo? There are a lot more! Choose your favourite teen sheets, carpets and puffs too.

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