Teens bedroom with bed 42

Create a unique bed

Add metallic complements to the bed. Shelves to leave the books, the tablet and a lot more. Add the complements that you need!


Interior open space, useful and accessible, next to your own bed. Take advantage of all the wardrobe space and complete it with a metallic hanger and magazine rack shelves.


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!


We love the sheets! Choose the sheets that best represent you in the accessories page on our website. Which ones do you choose?
Customized teen bedroom

Are you thinking about a change? We have a bright idea: have a look at this combination, you will fall in love at first sight.

A teen bedroom with a simple bed is perfect for your child. You just have to choose the sizes and colours that you like best.

To complete your own bed, you can choose your favourite teen beddings. We have plenty of different models for you to choose. Have a look at our webpage! We are sure you will love all of them!

The desk is also customizable. You can choose sizes, distribution, colours and more. It will be unique, like you.

The wardrobe is essential in a room. We have chosen a two-door and shelves wardrobe. You will be able to decorate it as you like.

To decorate your room and make it unique, you can use a lot of different wallpapers like the one in the photo. Do you like it? You can also choose among our decorative sheets. You can take a look at them in the accessories part on our website

Lastly, to keep your things, use our Origami boxes and organize your room. Shall we start designing the perfect bedroom?

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