Baby cot SOFT

The Soft baby cot will be perfect to create a sense of peace in the baby’s bedroom.

A bedroom with a Soft baby cot. It builds a sweet environment with the colours of #lavieenros. If you are planning to furnish your baby’s bedroom, rely on the ideas of Muebles ROS.

The Soft cot with a 120x60 mattress, provides two fixed rails with 3 positions for the bed base. Nice and practical!

Available in white, pearl grey and earth. If you like the lacquered finishes you will love this option. Choose it! In the distributor shop, they will inform you about all the possibilities to make your own baby’s room with a personalized cot of lavieenROS.

The Soft style is timeless, balanced and calm. Use light colours to combine the cot, the changing table and the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.

Choose the cot model, the color, the handles and the complements that you want, too. We suggest a bunch of shelves and kids decoration.

In the ROS Mini catalogue you will find wallpapers for your baby’s bedroom and other cute accessories such as carpets, beddings, duvets and pillows. You can also find the covers for the changing table.

If you want a perfect and fully-equipped baby bedroom , choose the furniture and decoration in #lavieenROS. You will love to make it on your own, as you like it.

Are you a Soft family? Take into account this baby cot and if you have any question on your bedroom, please ask us!

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