Kids white bedroom 20

Kids white bedrooms


Use the baskets as toys keepers or to keep whatever you need. There are a lot of designs only for you! Discover them in the accessories page on our website

Create a unique bed

Add metallic complements to the bed. Shelves to leave the books, the tablet and a lot more. Add the complements that you need!


We love the sheets! Choose the sheets that best represent you in the accessories page on our website. Which ones do you choose?

Are you looking for a kids white bedroom? You will love this option with stairs drawers.

Kids white  bedroom made up of a hideaway bed with drawers, to make climbing a much easier adventure

You can choose the bed that better suits your child’s needs. In this composition we have chosen a kids bed and a panel with the Buk finish. Isn’t it lovely?

The desk and the wardrobe match with the bed, because they’re both white, elegant and sober. Do you like the combination?

To decorate it, we used paintings and sheets from our new collection MOOD. They are ideal to decorate walls. You can find more ideas in the accessories page on our website.

In the composition, we used the Flamingo wall paper, we love it! A perfect combination for a room with  white and soft colours.

Finally, don’t forget about the beddings. In the image you can see our choice to inspire you, but there are plenty of designs that you will love. Choose your favourite one, the one that reflects you and your personality.

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