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Montessori furniture

Have you thought about a montessori space for your child?

In ROS, we have montessori furniture for every single space of your house.

A Montessori bedroom, has plenty of advantages for our children. The furniture is made at their height. For example, the Montessori Bed, can be raised and lowered whithout problems. More comfort, impossible.

A reading space is always a good idea. We suggest you the Montessori book shelves, so that the book covers can be seen. Much easier for our children to choose a story to read. A Montessori bedroom can also include a mirror with bar, perfect for our kids.

And the Montessori wardrobes? Dressing on his or her own will be very easy with a Montessori wardrobe.

Do you want a bedroom like this? We have a lot of ideas for you, to make your bedroom safe and comfortable.