kids bedroom with bunk bed 46

kids bedroom with bunk bed

Two heights, two working moods

Sharing bedroom with your sibling will be funny with a desk and two different heights.


Choose a vertical mirror and personalize it with your favourite colour. A mirror is essential in a teens bedroom.


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!
wardrobe for kids bedroom


Access to your wardrobe easily and take the maximum advantage of all the space possible with #lavieenROS

A kids bedroom with a bunk bed is always the perfect option for two siblings.

Are you thinking of changing your kids bedroom? If you are searching for a bunk bed, you will love this option.

It is a bunk bed with drawers. You can choose the colours that you like the most. We have chosen white Nordic colours. We love them!

A desk can’t be missed in a room. In this composition, a kids’ desk adapted to their height. Your children will be able to draw, read and do their homework comfortably.

The wardrobe is also an essential component in a bedroom. You can choose among a lot of different possibilities. In the image you can see a two-door wardrobe.

At last, don’t forget the decoration. The beddings, the mirror and the wallpaper or the boxes and cabinets are also part of la vie en ROS and you can find them at the nearest furniture store.

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