House shaped bed with hideaway bed


The origami organizing boxes are unique, because of that they are special. Organize the things in a funny and authentic mood.


Create a bedroom that speaks about you. Use the beddings, the pillows, the carpets, the puffs… A lot of complements which you will find in the decoration page on our website.


Beds are more original if you personalize them with panels and shelves. Decorate them on your own

The house shaped bed with a hideaway bed in the lower part has arrived! Your child will be able to invite his/her best friends!

If you are searching for a house shaped bed with more usability, this house-shaped bed with a hideaway bed below will be the perfect choice for your child’s new bedroom.

A bed made of natural beech wood, which you can complete with a magnetized panel, white board, mirror or decorative panels.

Use shelves for him/her to keep his/her things.

In the accessories page on our website you will find all of our decoration and a lot more. You will be able to choose the beddings, puffs, organizing boxes and a lot more.

Moreover, you can choose your favourite wallpaper. We have a lot of available models for you to choose! Make of your room your private and unique space.

A customized bedroom with house shaped bed and hideaway bed will be the perfect thing.

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