Hideaway bed with drawers 14

Teens compact bed


The origami organizing boxes are unique, because of that they are special. Organize the things in a funny and authentic mood.


We love the sheets! Choose the sheets that best represent you in the accessories page on our website. Which ones do you choose?


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!
Teens shelves


Use the shelves to organize your things and moreover, to connect them!

If you need a kids bedroom with hideaway bed with drawers, please do not miss la vie en ROS.

ROS bedrooms are unique because they are specially created for you. Be inspired with our compositions, like the bedroom with hideaway bed with drawers.

The stairs in the hideaway bed are ideal to gain storage space. They will also make it easier for your child to go up to his/her bed. He/She needs his/her autonomy.

Furthermore, your child will have an additional bed for his/her friends and cousins to sleepover. What do you think about the melamine panel besides the bed? It gives a modern and new tone to the room… Perfect!

Complete the bedroom with a wardrobe. Pay attention to the detail: It has got USB to connect your phone, tablet… A cool idea to include technology to your room!

Don’t forget the desk! One of the essentials for a bedroom. To complete the room and turn it into a unique space, decorate it on your own with our decoration that you will find in your closest Furniture store.

Get inspired with the paintings, the sheets, the wall paper and the cabinets. Accessories are also part of #lavieenROS.

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