Elemental convertible bedroom

You will love the convertible bedroom with an Elemental 140x70 cot.

A baby convertible room with 140x70 convertible cot. Which colours will you choose for your new special bedroom? We suggest some ideas to design it.

You will love the Elemental style with its neutral tones. In fact, you can choose your convertible cot in white, earth or pearl grey, as well as lacquered colours. The beechwood legs look lovely in this cot and  when the baby grows up, the cot will turn into a 140x70 kids bed. You can complete your ideal bedroom with customized furniture like the wardrobe, the changing table, shelves…

Furthermore, from now on you will be able to design the full bedroom with our accessories and decoration. Childish wallpapers, decorative sheets, carpets, pillows, beddings… Everything in #lavieenROS. What do you think of the combination chosen for the photo? In you nearest shop you will find the information needed and you will be able to choose everything you need. You will love to design a convertible bedroom for your baby!

The Elemental Style; besides, will define you. Go to a distributor shop to see and choose the furniture and accessories that you prefer for your dream bedroom.

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